Looking for a reason to open a Twitter account? It's the most expedient way to track the locations of Twin Cities food trucks.

Join the kebab-athon at Aussie's Kebabs, where pressed, wrap-like sandwiches are stuffed with roasted lamb or chicken (or grilled vegetables) and topped with a parade of freshly prepared sauces (hummus, tzatziki) and extras (pineapple, roasted red peppers). Oh, and who needs potato chips when there are pita chips dusted with sea salt?

www.aussieskebabs.com, @AussiesKebabs

Slow-roasted beef, sliced and stuffed into an array of sandwiches -- Philly cheese steaks, French dips, straight-up classics on a toasted bun -- plus comfort-food sides like mashed potatoes and gravy and macaroni and cheese -- are the specialties of the motor coach (and co-owner Ryan Bloomstrom) at Bloomy's Roast Beef.

www.bloomys.com, @BloomysRB

Mom could have taken a few tips from the eclectic menu at Home Street Home Truck: pan-seared tilapia tacos, blue cheese-stuffed burgers, Korean-style beef short-ribs tacos, pulled pork (slow-braised in Summit India Pale Ale) sandwiches on toasted buns, cheese and green chile enchiladas and more. Dessert? Cake pops, courtesy of the fabulous Raspberry Bird (www.raspberrybird.com).

www.homestreethometruck.com, @HomeStrtHomeTrk