Crowded field

These were the top six teams vying for two-wild-card spots in the AL entering play Sunday, from the front-running Yankees to the there’s-still-hope Indians (remaining games begin with Monday):

New York (15 home games, 12 road)

Trying to end a two-year playoff drought, next week’s four games with the Blue Jays looks critical.

Texas (17 home games, 10 road)

Great schedule heavy with the A’s, Mariners, Tigers. Finishes with four at home vs. the Angels.

Twins (13 home games, 13 road)

Next homestand vs. the Angels and Indians becomes critical; they close at home, but vs. the Royals.

Los Angeles (12 home games, 14 road)

A 10-2 streak got the Angels back in the race, but there are lots of first-place teams ahead. Will finale at Texas matter?

Tampa Bay (16 home games, 10 road)

Pitching makes the Rays dangerous, but if they stay close, six of their final nine games are vs. the Blue Jays.

Cleveland (18 home games, 9 road)

Terrific stretch schedule gives the Indians hope. Problem: They’re not very good (29-34) at home.