An average Joe

Joe Mauer was the game’s highest-paid catcher by a wide margin. Not so at first base:

Highest-Paid Catchers in 2014

Brian McCann, Yankees $17 million

Yadier Molina, Cardinals $15.2 M

Buster Posey, Giants Ø $11.3 M

Miguel Montero, Diamondbacks $10 M

Russell Martin, Pirates $9.5 M

Highest-Paid First Basemen in 2014

Ryan Howard, Phillies Ø $25 million

Prince Fielder, Rangers $24 M

Mark Teixeira, Yankees $23.1 M

Albert Pujols, Angels $23 M

Joe Mauer, Twins $23 M


Signing bonuses are averaged over the life of the contract