Here is a listing of contested local election races in Washington County. For more information on the candidates, turn to the Star Tribune's 2012 Election Guide, which will be published Wednesday. Incumbents are marked with an (i).


Afton: Council, Ward 1: Bill Palmquist (i); Kris Kopitzke. Ward 4: Randy Nelson (i); Barbara Ronningen.

Birchwood Village: Mayor: Jane Harper (i); Mary Wingfield. Council special election: Barbara Carson (i); Kevin Woolstencraft.

Cottage Grove: Mayor: Myron Bailey (i); Chad Magle; Chad Rediske; Lezlie Schriver. Council (2 at large): Justin Olsen (i); Jen Peterson (i); Tina Folch; Michael Fouts; Matthew Kowalski; Lisa Meyer.

Denmark Township: Seat 1: Karen Herman; Steve Kramer.

Forest Lake: Mayor: Chris Johnson (i); Bruce Anderson; Brian Hile. Council (2 at large): Jim Dufour (i); Ed Eigner; Jeff Klein; Ben Winnick.

Grant: Mayor: Tom Carr (i); Larry Lanoux. Council (2 at large): Jeff Huber (i); Tina Tobin; Loren Sederstrom.

Hastings: Council, Ward 1 (in Washington County): Anthony (Tony) Alongi (i); Michael (Mike) Grady; Justin Westman.

Hugo: Council (1 at large) Anthony (Tony) Bronk; Rick Gwynn; Cindy Petty.

Lake Elmo: Mayor: Dean Johnston (i); Nicholas Duffy; Mike Pearson. Council (2 at large): Brett Emmons (i); Justin Bloyer; Greg Hall; Anne Smith.

Lakeland: Mayor: Richard Glasgow; Bob Livingston; Donald Space.

Landfall: Mayor: Greg (Flash) Feldbrugge (i); Bill Dahn; James Dumer; Don Dunn; Linda Lee Jacobs.

Marine on St. Croix: Council at large: Andrew Lapos; Mary Anita Lusher; Lon Pardun; Sherrill Reid. Council special election: Bill Miller (i); Dan Willenbring.

Newport: Mayor: Tim Geraghty (i); Steven Gallagher; Paul Hansen. Council (2 at large): Tom Ingemann (i); Bill Sumner (i) Dan Flood; Katy McElwee-Stevens.

Oak Park Heights: Mayor: David Beaudet (i); Mary McComber. Council (2 at large): Mike Runk (i); Chuck Dougherty; Mike Liljegren; Larry Viers.

Scandia: Council (2 at large): Connie Amos (i); Chris Ness (i); Bob Hegland; Dustin Hegland; Dan Lee; Robert Pilz.

Stillwater: Council, Ward 2: Tom Corbett; Ted Kozlowski; Cassie McLemore. Ward 3: Jim Roush (i); Tom Weidner.

Woodbury: Council (2 at large): Paul Rebholz (i); Amy Scoggins (i); Mark Doree; Joe Grinols; Mike Thissen.


County Board District 1: Dennis Hegberg (i); Fran Miron. County Board County Board District 2: Bill Pulkrabek (i); Ted Bearth. County Board District 5: Lisa Weik (i); Nancy Remakel. Soil and water supervisor District 3: Sarah Hietpas (i); John Rheinberger.

School Boards

North St. Paul-Maplewood: Elect 4: Theresa Auge (i); Steve Hunt (i); Nancy Livingston (i); Rich Bennett; Becky Neve. Stillwater area: Elect 3: Kathy Buchholz (i); George F. Dierberger (i); Michael Ptacek (i); Amy Burback.