– A southeastern Wisconsin couple are charged with felonies for allegedly burglarizing the homes of people away at funerals.

Twenty-three-year-old Emily Gabel and 31-year-old Jesse Bullis, of Hartford are each charged with burglary in Milwaukee County.

According to the criminal complaint, Gabel and Bullis provided a car and materials for the burglars. In return, the complaint says, Gabel and Bullis were given stolen items, which they sold on the street or at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that police searched the defendants’ home and found jewelry, electronics and a handwritten “funeral log” listing names, addresses and the times of funerals in the county.

The complaint says Gabel told police that the “funeral burglaries” were committed by up to four other people. Charges have yet to be filed against the others.

In police interviews, Gabel said one of those accomplices came up with the idea of scanning the obituaries for homes to burglarize.

Associated Press