A career criminal arrested for stabbing a longtime rival vowed in a jailhouse phone call to kill his adversary once he got out — and he promptly made good on his promise near Peavey Park south of downtown Minneapolis, according to a murder charge filed Thursday.

Tescil R. Mason-Kimmons, 33, of Minneapolis, was charged Thursday in Hennepin County District Court with second-degree murder in connection with the Sept. 15 execution-style shooting of 44-year-old John R. Lacy on a sidewalk bordering the park.

Mason-Kimmons remains jailed ahead of a Jan. 10 court date. A message was left with his attorney seeking reaction to the allegations.

It wasn’t until after Lacy was dead that police heard a recording of a phone call, made on the day of the stabbing, between Mason-Kimmons and a woman he lived with, according to the criminal complaint. They heard Mason-Kimmons tell her he “intended to kill [Lacy] when he got out of jail,” the complaint continued.

Mason-Kimmons was released from jail a day after the stabbing, and he shot Lacy in the head two days later, prosecutors allege.

Police say a simmering feud between Mason-Kimmons and Lacy led to the shooting at about 7:15 a.m. at the park’s southwest corner.

The alleged stabbing of Lacy occurred on nearby Chicago Avenue, where Mason-Kimmons chased Lacy in a corner store with two knives and stabbed him several times, police said. Lacy grabbed a folding chair from another business and swung it at Mason-Kimmons, police said.

The woman on the other end of the jail phone call, 29-year-old Elana R. Danowit, was charged with murder for allegedly being Mason-Kimmons’ getaway driver after the shooting.

Mason-Kimmons’ criminal history in Minnesota includes one conviction for first-degree criminal sexual conduct, four convictions for drug offenses, two for drunken driving, and convictions for promoting prostitution and disorderly conduct.