After a McDonald’s employee stole money from the till, three of his co-workers were determined to get it back.

Now one of them has been charged with first-degree robbery after the original thief was robbed at gunpoint, according to court charges.

The trouble began when an employee at the McDonald’s on East Lake Street in Minneapolis was caught on video stealing $783 in cash from the register on Oct. 22.

A police investigator called the worker that day, but didn’t reach him. Then, on Oct. 25, the worker called the investigator to say he didn’t have the money any more. Because his fellow employees had taken it at gunpoint.

According to the complaint, the store manager and two other employees, wearing their McDonald’s uniforms, went to the thief’s house.

He told police that one of the employees pulled up his shirt to reveal a gun, then pulled the gun and held it by his side. He kept his hands up while one of his co-workers went through his pockets.

An officer later interviewed the unnamed manager, who admitted that she and two employees went to their co-worker’s home to retrieve the money, the complaint said.

The manager said they were able to get $43 from the alleged victim, of which she kept $13 and her two employees split the rest.

Perry Bernard Atkins, 28, has been charged with aggravated robbery. It is unclear if the other two have been charged at this point.