The best part of breaking your ankle is hearing about other people’s old injuries. The best part of a Minnesota cold wave is watching the reaction on a visitor’s face when you describe what subzero is like. “It feels like you’re breathing in battery acid — more tickle than pain.” Don’t stop there. “I remember a similar outbreak. Lost my left ear — came right off. Doctor attached it backward, now I can’t tell if I’m coming or going.”

In the sun, stomping around a little, properly dressed (no exposed skin — a rule I live by year-round) you should be just fine at today’s game. Earmuffs and boots are highly recommended — if your feet stay warm you feel better, longer.

This should be one of the top two coldest home games for the Vikings franchise and one of the 10 coldest NFL games ever played.

An even colder swipe arrives Tuesday, with only a modest recovery during what should be the coldest week of winter. A burst of fluff is possible Monday, but this cold dome will steer big storms south of Minnesota. I still see a mellowing trend and thawing temperatures by late January.