Lake Calhoun’s long-standing restaurant could be in for some changes.

The operators of Tin Fish, which has provided drinks and casual seafood-based eats for Uptown lakegoers for more than a decade, have decided not to renew their lease after this season. Moving forward, the business could be taken over by a trio of longtime employees, who would continue the name and tradition of the eatery, or someone else entirely, per Minneapolis Park Board policy.

“It’s a fantastic, dynamic place,” said Sheff Priest, who operates Tin Fish with his wife, Athena. “We’ve gotten it started, and we’ve run it for 14 years. We’re just ready to throttle back a bit.”

Because the property is city-owned, the park board is required to open up the application process to anyone interested. But three employees, each of whom have been at Tin Fish for 12 years or more, have the backing of the Priests.

Joseph Skiba, Peter Toft and Brett Drake all began working at Tin Fish as youths and have advanced to management roles.

“I think it’s a really nice story,” Priest said. “They would keep the name and just bring new youth and energy to it.

“There have been conversations about doing a breakfast service or craft beer tastings, things like that.”

The deadline for proposals for the space is July 7, Priest said, and the park board, with community input, expects to make its decision by September.

"We understand the process and we respect it," Priest said. "So their proposal will go into the pot with the others."