A few e-mailers helped clarify a point about Gophers men's hockey attendance. I noted the two playoff crowds this weekend that didn't even top 2,000 fans stood in stark contrast to 2012 — the last time the Gophers played host to the playoffs the same weekend as the state high school boys' hockey tournament.

That year, back in the good old WCHA, the Gophers announced two crowds of 9,000-plus.

E-mailer Nancy writes: "One difference between the WCHA playoffs you compared the Big Ten Playoffs to is that back then the first round of the playoffs was included in your season ticket package. We are long time season-ticket holders and even during those years, the actual number of people at the games for the first round was less than the tickets sold. This year, you had to buy them, so you could make a decision on whether you wanted to buy them or not. … But — even I was shocked at how few people were in the stands!"

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