Oh, what a night.

I spent nearly all day Friday here at Xcel Energy Center. I knew I was going to have to book it around 11:30 for another work assignment (something that I think will turn out really cool and you can all read about in Tuesday's Star Tribune) but I figured even with a later-than-scheduled puck drop between Minnetonka and Hill-Murray that I would be able to see the whole game no problem.

Wrong. Totally wrong. Quadruple WRONG!

Four overtimes. Yowza. Even though I was away from the arena, I did know that the Skippers won the moment it happened. Thank you whatever radio station that was we picked up.

I was with a Hill-Murray grad at the time. He didn't seem too upset. I think just about everyone was in shock.

But that was yesterday today, and here we go again.

As I type here from seat 41 of the Xcel press box, Warroad has a 4-3 lead over Mahtomedi in the third period of the Class 1A third place game. Shortly after noon today, Breck and Hermantown will duke it out for the state championship hardware.

I'll take you through that game here on startribune.com and also on Twitter (@stensation) if you're interested. We'll be out in force for the big Class 2A tilt between the Skippers and Edina as well. That one is slated to start around 7:15.

By the way, this third place game is not on TV, so there's no replays for exact details, but Warroad's Andy Foster just made a wonderful snowman save on a couple of Mahtomedi scoring chances. The Warriors, though, took a penalty for some roughhousing after the whistle. That caused someone up here in the press box to spit a few profanities and whip out his cell phone to complain to someone on the other end. So much for a 'working press box.'

How's that for behind the scenes color?

Star Tribune: We've got you covered!

Now, let's hand out some medals.