Dozens of rescue personnel swarmed a quarry and rescued a 13-year-old climber from her rock wall perch in Pine County, where she had been pinned for 4½ hours, authorities said Thursday.

The effort unfolded about 3:35 p.m. Wednesday in the Robinson Park quarry in Sandstone, Minn., according to the Pine County Sheriff's Office, which was among several agencies responding to the emergency.

"The female was climbing with an experienced group on established routes," a statement from the Sheriff's Office read. "Her knee had become wedged between two pieces of rock, and they were unable to free her."

The girl was already secured with climbing equipment and "in no danger of falling" as she awaited rescue 40 feet above the base of the wall, the statement continued.

Four squad members above used an intricate rope system to send one of the rescuers down to the girl, rescue personnel from St. Louis County said.

Various methods were called on including a hammer and chisel, and "Jaws of Life" equipment to break away sections of rock, the Pine County Sheriff's Office said, adding that dish soap was used as a lubricant. The trapped leg was eventually pulled free about 8 p.m.

The girl's injuries were minor, and a full recovery was expected.

The St. Louis County squad wrote on Facebook that this "was a very challenging rescue operation. The subject is safe, and we all came home safe as well."

Participating agencies from the region sent more than 40 personnel to the scene.

"We would ... like to remind people to use our outdoor resources safely," the Pine County Sheriff's Office statement read, "and to always be in groups or let people know where you will be. Even with the best training, unexpected things can and do happen."