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Title: Senior research analyst and principal

Age: 38

Chad Fugere is looking for health care investment opportunities with the potential for "saving lives or saving dollars" as a new senior research analyst and principal at Edina-based First Light Asset Management.

First Light's singular focus on the health care sector and the track record of chief executive, senior portfolio manager and founder Matt Arens were among the reasons he was eager to join the firm, Fugere said.

Fugere said he strives to find opportunities that have the best return potential for clients and that cover the range of health care subsectors, from biotech, health insurers and medical technology companies to those offering life science tools and medical supplies.

"With an aging population and health care reform boosting underlying demand, the system itself, whether you're talking about insurers or individuals, is going to start pushing back on cost in a really big way," Fugere said. "As a result, those products and services that offer the most value are likely to get rewarded over the longer run."

Fugere said he felt fortunate to join first First Light as the firm is growing, with assets under management rising from $180 million at the end of 2014 to a recent total of $220 million.

Fugere has 15 years of experience in investing in publicly traded health care companies. He has a an economics degree from the University of South Florida, Tampa, and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

Q: What has kept you interested in health care investing throughout your career?

A: Part of what's captivated me has been the tremendous amount of variety within health care and all of the innovation that seems to be happening right now, across medical technology, health care services and particularly biopharma.

Q: Why should investors consider health care as part of their portfolio?

A: It's a large, growing sector of the economy. This growth isn't likely to ebb any time soon. In addition, health care offers both defensive and growth characteristics relative to other industries, which I think makes it attractive in most market environments.

Q: Why should investors consider doing business with First Light?

A: We're the only Minnesota-based investment firm that's solely focused on health care. I've been covering the sector for 15 years, Matt's been covering it for 18 years. We've got a rigorous, fundamental approach that's generated results since founding the strategy in late 2008.

Todd Nelson