Fresh from winning three Grammys, singer Lizzo visited Mexico City for a private concert, surprising her fans with acoustic versions of her hits.

The star from Detroit who started her career in Minneapolis before moving to Los Angeles three years ago won best pop solo performance ("Truth Hurts"), best traditional R&B performance ("Jerome"), and best urban contemporary album for "Cuz I Love You," at the January awards show. In Mexico, she sat for an interview with the Associated Press. Here are a couple of highlights

Q: I grew up watching pop stars that were blonde, super-skinny, that looked perfect in every way. Then you come up, and I'm grateful for that.

A: "I'm perfect, sis! Take that back! I think that even the blonde, thin pop stars, they have imperfections, but unfortunately the media portrays them as perfect, and I think that even those women struggle with having to live up to a body type or stereotype and probably suffer from a lot of depression. I am brown, I am black, I am curvy, and I am perfect and beautiful."

Q: "Were you always this confident, or did you have to find the confidence within yourself?"

A: "You really have to find it within yourself, but you have to go through life to get there. It sounds so cliché, but life is your greatest teacher and you learn the best lessons from life. I learned a lot in the last 10 years about myself, about who I am. I also learned to love that person."

After Oscar win, good to be home in Seoul

Director Bong Joon-ho arrived home in South Korea on Sunday, his first trip back since he won four Oscars for his movie "Parasite." The crowd clapped and cheered as Bong walked out of the arrivals gate at Incheon International Airport. "It's been a long journey in the United States and I'm pleased that it got wrapped up nicely," Bong said, speaking in Korean. "Now, I am happy that I can quietly return to creating, which is my main occupation."

He told the crowd: "Thank you for the applause, I would like send a round of applause back to you all for coping so well with the coronavirus. I will join the effort to overcome the corona by washing my hands diligently. Happy to be home."

"Parasite" was the first non-English-language film to win best picture in the 92-year history of the Oscars, and is the first South Korean movie to ever win an Oscar.

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