Jon Cryer has been through all the highs and lows that have been the journey of "Two and a Half Men." There have been the years when it dominated the ratings and he won Emmys. There have been the years when it dominated the tabloid headlines with the departure of original cast member Charlie Sheen.

The trek is coming to an end when the finale of the CBS comedy airs Thursday.

Although there have been suggestions that Cryer's character could spin off into his own series, that's probably not going to happen.

"It's time for it to end," Cryer said in an interview. "I cannot help but be filled with gratitude for having been able to explore the same guy for 12 years."

"The crew is amazing. Working with Ashton [Kutcher] has been a blast. The writers are fun people," Cryer says. "That's what I'm going to miss."

The 247 episodes of "Two and a Half Men" make it one of the longest-running prime-time comedies. Only "The Simpsons," "South Park," "Ozzie and Harriet" and "King of the Hill" have more seasons.

'Modern Family' experiment

How to keep the "modern" in "Modern Family" in its sixth season? Create an episode that plays out completely on a computer and in the realm of social media. That's what's in store Feb. 25 on the ABC comedy's "Connection Lost," a half-hour that revolves around Claire Dunphy's (Julie Bowen) effort to locate daughter Haley (Sarah Hyland) after they squabble. Other than a few scenes shot with the MacBook Pro, the episode was captured entirely with iPhone 6s and iPads, series executive producer Steve Levitan said.

He's back: Andy Warhol's "Factory" is going digital. Open Road Integrated Media on Tuesday launched Factory Books, a line of e-books about Warhol and the artists he worked with in the 1960s and after. Releases will include Stephen Koch's "Stargazer: The Life, World and Films of Andy Warhol," Ultra Violet's "Famous for 15 Minutes: My Years With Andy Warhol" and Candy Darling's "Candy Darling: Memoirs of an Andy Warhol Superstar."

Farewell: Movita Castaneda, the dark-haired actress who met Marlon Brando on a movie set and later married him and had two of his children, died Thursday. Castaneda was believed to be 98. She came to prominence after appearing in the 1935 classic "Mutiny on the Bounty," a film that would be remade decades later starring Brando. Castaneda was also known for "Flying Down to Rio" alongside Fred Astaire. She married Brando in 1960 and is survived by Miko Brando and Rebecca Brando.

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