"Tonight" show host Jimmy Fallon spent 10 days in a hospital intensive care unit after tripping in his kitchen and injuring a finger so badly it required six hours of microsurgery to save.

The comic was back at work Monday for the first time after the June 26 accident in his New York home, wearing a cast on his left hand that extended nearly to the fingernail of his ring finger. His wedding ring caught on a surface as he tried to break his fall. "I tripped and fell in our kitchen on a braided rug that my wife loves," he said. "I can't wait to burn it to the ground."

His bent finger looking like a "horror movie," Fallon took a cab to an emergency room. He was told that what he thought was a broken finger was much more complicated, and was sent to another hospital. He said he was told that many people with the same injury lose their finger. The surgery involved taking a vein from his foot to help repair the damage.

Ten days in the hospital made Fallon stir crazy and he said he "started reading books about the meaning of life." "This is the meaning of my life," the 40-year-old comic said. "I belong on TV … if anyone's suffering at all, this is my job. I'm here to make you laugh."

DiCaprio awards $15 million in grants

When it comes to saving the planet, Leonardo DiCaprio is putting his money where his mouth is. The actor's foundation announced Tuesday it has awarded $15 million in grants to a host of environmental organizations, including Amazon Watch, Save the Elephants, Tree People and the World Wildlife Fund. "The destruction of our planet continues at a pace we can no longer afford to ignore," DiCaprio said. The groups receiving the grants are "working to solve humankind's greatest challenge," he said. The actor, 40, has been an active environmentalist throughout his career. His Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports projects in more than 40 countries.

accused: Graffiti artist Shepard Fairey is in Detroit police custody after turning himself in on charges that he tagged buildings in the city. Police spokeswoman Officer Shanelle Williams said Fairey was arrested Tuesday and is charged with malicious destruction of property. Police say about $9,000 in damage was done to other structures while Fairey was in Detroit to complete commissioned works.

no charges: It brought on two long YouTube apologies, but 22-year-old singer Ariana Grande's doughnut licking video won't lead to criminal charges. Police in Lake Elsinore, Calif., said that the owner of Wolfee Donuts declined to press charges against Grande. Grande said she was "disgusted" with herself after the video was posted by TMZ.

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