Job: Public relations associate at Carmichael Lynch Spong

Annual earnings: $35,000-$40,000

Education: B.A. in communication studies from Gustavus Adolphus College (Study Abroad Program -- University of Westminster, London)

Last major purchase: Condo in Edina

Next purchase: Vacation (maybe Hawaii).

Smart money: Aside from directly depositing money from every paycheck into a savings account, my best investment by far was purchasing property at an early age. I decided to move back in with my parents after college for about a year and a half in order to save enough for a healthy down payment and was able to find a condo with great space, good location and most importantly, in a high-resale area.

Stupid money: I have a (healthy) addiction to shoes and fine food (particularly Thai).

Advice for others: Avoid debt-building credit cards and new-car payments as often as possible; seriously consider investing in real estate.

Janet Moore