Job: A recent college grad, he's unemployed and living with his parents but seeking a job in the Philadelphia area.

Annual earnings: Hopes to get a job in the finance area that would pay $35,000 to $40,000 a year.

Education: Graduated in May from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Majored in business economics with a minor in finance.

Last major purchase: A putter from 2nd Swing for $8.50. "Seriously, I am trying so hard not to spend any money that that's the last non-consumable thing I've bought in about a month."

Next major purchase: About $500 for a deposit on an apartment when he moves to Philadelphia. An undetermined amount to furnish it.

Smart money: "If I need to shop, I go to someplace like Marshall's to pay less." Also, studying for a term in Australia and New Zealand. "It's a great way to have the experience of going to a foreign country, earning college credit at the same time and for a cost not that much more than out-of-state tuition."

Stupid money: "I've occasionally borrowed money from my twin brother without any expectation of having to pay it back anytime soon."

Investments/savings plans: Has a small balance in a checking account. Recently received a dividend check -- 3 cents -- from two shares of stock given to Miami of Ohio business school grads by an alumnus who is an executive of the company and who spoke at commencement.

Advice: Don't over-withhold taxes on a paycheck. "You have to wait a whole year for that lump-sum tax refund. You're better off taking some of that money bit by bit and investing it at a higher rate."

Susan Feyder