Job: I mentor children from age 6 to 15 who have mental disabilities. I'm a senior at the College of St. Catherine, studying sociology and pre-law.

Annual earnings: About $3,000 for me. I got married in December; my husband works full time in IT for Ecolab.

Last major purchase: I bought a Jeep Wrangler in 2000.

Next major purchase: We're planning to buy a house this summer.

Smart money: I have a savings account -- I contribute some of my paycheck to it from time to time -- and investing in my education. I'm planning to go to law school, so I'm saving for that, too.

Stupid money: When I turned 18, I got an offer to open a credit-card account. I did, and I maxed it out within six months. I wasn't mature enough to have one. It's paid off, but it took a while. Also, a lot of ice cream.

Financial planning: My husband takes care of the finances right now. He invests some money.

Neal Gendler