He’s no longer with the Vikings, but Case Keenum will be linked with the team forever because of the pass he threw to Stefon Diggs on Jan. 14, which led to perhaps the greatest moment in franchise history.

Keenum. who signed a two-year, $36 million deal with the Broncos in March after helping the Vikings reach the NFC Championship Game, relived the “Minneapolis Miracle” from a quarterback’s perspective during an event for Broncos season ticket-holders this week, going through a detailed breakdown of the Xs and Os on the play.

It’s all there, from the methodology of the play name (Gun Buffalo Right Key Left Seven Heaven; Keenum tells us the ‘B’ in Buffalo signifies a bunch formation and the ‘f’ shows that the F receiver is at the point of attack) to the QB’s thought process on the play (he initially was going to throw to Adam Thielen, and wanted Stefon Diggs to get out of bounds after making the catch).

Diggs, of course, bolted for the end zone after Marcus Williams’ missed tackle, and the rest is history.

“You talk about the best moment? It was an unbelievable moment,” Keenum said. “I still don’t believe it sometimes, that it happened. It was so crazy.”

The video is well worth your time, both in the sense that it allows you to learn more about the Vikings’ playbook than the team would typically divulge (though some of it undoubtedly has changed under new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo) and in the unique perspective it offers on the Vikings’ indelible moment.

More than five months after it happened, it’s clear Keenum hasn’t tired of reliving it. Vikings fans likely haven’t, either.

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