Q: Recently, I was heartened to see that reruns of “The Carol Burnett Show” were being played on a broadcast station. Then I noticed that Amazon Prime was doing the same. When I looked at them, I found just half a loaf, only 22 minutes of a 60-minute telecast (minus commercials). Why would only part of a show be released, leading viewers on to thinking it’s the entire program? Will the entire programs ever be released, or is this a tease to get people to buy them?

A: When Burnett’s variety show went into syndicated reruns many years ago, episodes were cut into half-hours; the thinking was the shorter format would fit better in stations’ daytime and early-evening lineups. Those edited versions appear to be what MeTV has. Amazon has some episodes in the edited form and others at the original length.

‘Good Lord Bird’ delayed

Q: What happened to the John Brown series “The Good Lord Bird,” which was supposed to air on Showtime on Aug. 9?

A: The drama, based on the novel by James McBride, has been held back until October. Deadline.com says the move is “designed to put more context as the abolitionist miniseries as the focus sharpens on the issue of systemic racism in the U.S. ... It is believed that the network also wants more time to build out a marketing and PR campaign that helps educate and deepens the conversation around the issues.”


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