Which of these should Carl Eller avoid holding in public?

A) A beautiful age-appropriate babe

B) Any cop (especially one armed with a Taser)

C) A beer

D) A puppy

The legendary Vikings defensive end and Hall of Famer was holding a beer Tuesday at the private opening for Cantina, a new Mexican restaurant at the Mall of America in Bloomington. Bottles of Coronita Extra were passed out at the front door to guests of legal age, who were required to wear a wristband.

Eller is looking at a November trial date on charges of fourth-degree assault and terroristic threats, two felonies filed against him after an allegedly violent scuffle with Minneapolis police in April.

Eller allegedly hit and threatened two officers who had tried to arrest him on suspicion of drunken driving and fleeing police. Police say Eller refused to submit to a sobriety test, which is a misdemeanor as is the drunken driving charge.

When asked at the party if he is supposed to drink, or is it that he just shouldn't drink and drive, Eller told me: "I can do whatever I want, C.J. Whichever. If I want to, I can. I don't have any law against me drinking or driving, right now."

The woman who walked in with Eller intoned: "As long as he doesn't do both at once."

But should Eller drink at all, I wanted to know.

"If I want," Eller said calmly.

As you'll see and hear at startribune.com/video Eller claimed his Coronita was "non-alcoholic" and then he engaged in a mild cover-up.

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