A Shakopee in-home baby­sitter has been charged in Scott County District Court with first-degree assault after a 6-month-old baby sustained life-threatening injuries and the babysitter waited 45 minutes before calling 911.

Laurie Ann Gregor, 54, also was charged with two counts of malicious punishment of a child. Her day care license is temporarily suspended, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services. She is currently out on bail, and her next hearing is scheduled for mid-November.

According to the charges, Gregor told police that she was carrying the baby on her hip Sept. 14 at her home in the 1100 block of Hawthorne Circle. The baby “fell out of her arms and onto the floor” at 10:50 a.m., she said.

The child started crying, so Gregor put him in a play seat and went to the kitchen to make lunch, she said. When she returned, she said the baby’s head was “slumped over,” his “eyes would not open and his head fell to the side.” She then started to “jostle him up and down” to wake him, according to charges.

Gregor called the baby’s parents and her husband, daughter-in-law, daughter and son before calling authorities at 11:35 a.m. The baby’s mother said she got a call from Gregor about that time.

After medics arrived at Gregor’s home in Shakopee, they immediately assessed the baby’s condition as critical. Authorities said the baby was breathing but unconscious and lying on his back on the living room floor.

The baby was taken to a hospital, where doctors found he had suffered contusions inside his head, multiple brain bleeds, retinal hemorrhaging and bruises on his legs, according to the charges.

Doctors told police that the baby’s injuries were “not consistent with injuries as the result of a simple household fall,” the charges said. The injuries instead were a result of “nonaccidental trauma or abusive head trauma.”

“The child was injured accidentally,” said Mark McDonough, Gregor’s lawyer. “She’s charged with intentionally harming this child, but she would never harm a fly. This is just a tragic, tragic accident.”

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