It's Friday afternoon. It's beautiful outside. But if you're sticking with us, this is your reward: The Associated Press (Bill Haber) moved a photo earlier today that caught our eye. What exactly is going on there? Well, let the caption information sent by the helpful shooter be your guide:

New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey catches a pass while standing in a portable toilet during a drill at NFL football training camp in Metairie, La., Friday. The Saints tight ends were conducting a pass catching drill by standing in the portable toilet with the door closed when a pass was thrown, and then at the last second the the door was opened so they could catch the ball.

We have no idea whose idea this was. We have to imagine there is a better way to work on last-second ball awareness. But we can't imagine there's a funnier way. And we'd hate to be the guy explaining to people that HIS JOB is to swing a portable toilet door open at just the right moment so millionaires can catch a football. But we digress.

This photo begs for a RandBall photo caption contest. We'll take the simple but double-meaningful, "Super Bowl Champs." Now we suppose it's the race to No. 2 (sorry) in the comments.

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