If you want to make Minnesota sports fans instantly angry, you … well … you have a lot of options.

But one thing you can definitely do is mention the 2010 midyear trade that brought relief pitcher Matt Capps to the Twins for catching prospect Wilson Ramos.

Capps was a PROVEN CLOSER and All-Star that year. Ramos was expendable because Joe Mauer was the franchise catcher. It was a decent theory until various injuries and a position switch left the Twins and their fans thirsty for a catcher for many years thereafter.

I bring this up because Cleveland, the team the Twins are chasing this year, just made a similar trade. Granted, the primary pitcher the Indians got in their trade with San Diego — Minnesota's own Brad Hand! — is better than Capps.

But Cleveland had to part with highly touted catching prospect Francisco Mejia in the trade. He is ranked as the No. 5 overall prospect in baseball by ESPN's Keith Law.

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