Anybody else starting to feel a tad uncomfortable about the presumably Minnesota-based love that Kevin Garnett is feeling for Michele Tafoya?

Twice since May, which can confirm, K.G. has been so complimentary of the ESPN/ABC-TV sports reporter that he felt the need to make a pass at her after the Celtics won the NBA title Tuesday.

"Michele, you look good tonight, girl," K.G. said during his emotional post-game interview with Tafoya.

Oh, my. Made me rather sorry that he was finally able to calm down enough to speak after beating the Lakers. This is no way to act in what is a professional setting.

When Tafoya started ticking off the honors K.G. earned as a feckless Timberwolf, he held his hands around his ears and rocked like someone with developmental issues.

"Man, I'm so hyped right now. ... Anything's possible. Anything's pooossssibbbbllllee. ... Top of the world, top of the woooorld," Garnett exclaimed. "I'm certified. I'm certified."

I think he meant certifiable, as in feeling crazy excited.

A writer at, where the video is posted, wrote: "I'm going to be honest. This interview ... scared the hell out of me. But it instantaneously vaulted into the top 10 interviews of all times as Kevin Garnett started howling at the sky like a werewolf during a full moon."

K.G. also thanked " 'Sota," which I assume is his tragically hip-hop way of saying Minnesota.

He also had a shout out for "Peanut," which I sincerely hope is his nickname for wife, Brandi Garnett, mother of their baby.

A few weeks ago after a playoff game victory over the Pistons K.G.'s post-game interview could not be executed without another compliment to Tafoya.

"You look good in your pink, girl," K.G. said to Tafoya.

The Minnesota married mother of one, who is intellectually way out of K.G.'s league, responded with a fairly business-like "Thank you, Kevin."

This morning I left a message for Tafoya to call me and share the name of the perfume she wears.

Want to make sure I never use that scent, although attracting a compliment from Lakers coach Phil Jackson is far superior to getting multiple "girls" from K.G.

Speaking of girls, there must be something breast-taking in those interviews Tafoya does with extremely tall men.

Congratulations, K.G.

As NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry told me Saturday at the Starkey Foundation gala, it's good Garnett went to the Celtics because he never was going to win a championship with the Wolves.

But this is me, not Barry, speaking to K.G.: Don't take this "top of the woooorld" mentality too far. Take it home to Brandi.

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