Lindsey Vonn was reportedly in the Twin Cities visiting relatives last summer. Not very interesting, is that?

What if I told you that during this trip Minnesota's Olympic gold medal skier reportedly spent time with a certain Minnesota-born NBA player who's in an annulment-divorce tug-of-war with his estranged wife? Fascinating, eh?

Vonn's Los Angeles PR guy has not responded to my Monday e-mail on this matter, and Kris Humphries has not responded to my Twitter inquiry.

However, word has it that Vonn was seen with Humphries out on Big Island and on Lake Minnetonka and its environs -- as in, around Kris Humphries' residence.

Vonn apparently liked Humphries, but after spending some time with her, Kris decided she was not for him.

I can't recall ever hearing Humphries romantically linked to a blonde, although that's clearly a hair color that easily attracts Tiger Woods.

There's been speculation about a romance between divorced Woods and newly divorced Vonn, who played it coy in Austria, where she's competing in the Alpine skiing world championships. said a local TV reporter asked Vonn if Woods would be arriving, and Lindsey said, "Oh my God, I don't know. You should ask him." As the reporter asked a follow-up question, there were smiles and giggles from Vonn.

These might have been Humphries' smiles and giggles if only a Minnesota celebrity could catch his eye.

Like old times

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers should earn points for authenticity after his scripted play-by-play with non-mentor, former Packers and Vikings QB Brett Favre during an NFL Network appearance Sunday. They were there to give Peyton Manning the Comeback Player of the Year Award.

BF: "Everyone loves it when a great player makes a comeback."

AR: "Yeah, but not always. Some people wish great players would just retire and stay retired."

BF: "Good to see you, too, Aaron."

AR: "You too, man."

After Favre went for a hug attempt that was aborted, Rodgers said, "That was awkward."

And that was the truth.

In a post-stage interview, Favre continued: "Aaron's had an unbelievable career. I'm proud of what I've done. There is no ill feelings."

There is?

Should Favre ever become a high school football coach, he probably won't become certified to also teach English. Unless it's in Mississippi.

Beyoncé sings -- really

Former Viking Bryant McKinnie, now a Super Bowl-winning Raven, critiqued Beyoncé's performance.

"I'm feeling great," McKinnie (incorrectly ID'd as Ravens teammate Kelechi Osemele) told NBC's Jenna Wolfe after the game. "Shout out to Beyoncé. They say her halftime show kilt it; absorbed all the energy."

McKinnie was using a hip pronunciation of "killed" while referencing the power outage that belatedly electrified the losing 49ers.

If all that gyrating and hip-thrusting, in scant attire without a pole, is considered entertainment (and McKinnie would say it is), then Beyoncé is a great entertainer. Between the gyrating and stomping around in high heels, I can't imagine she'll see age 55 without hip-replacement surgery.

Beyoncé's singing was fine. I hope that as a result of the Inauguration Day controversy there will be a return to the professional habit of all performers singing live or admitting up front that they are lip-syncing.

Real or fake lips, though, in 38 years can you imagine "Bootylicious" holding up well enough to be a song in an evocative Budweiser Super Bowl commercial as was Stevie Nicks' circa 1975 "Landslide"?

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