KARE11’s Sven Sundgaard brought his Yorkie, Instagram’s love_dyna_rose, to our lunch at Victor’s 1959 Cafe.

I brought along a surprise — Island Sven, the ornament anonymously mailed to me in January 2012 by one of Sundgaard’s fans.

“I think he looks better,” said Sundgaard.

Many would disagree.

It takes a lot of discipline and a spreadsheet to maintain Sundgaard’s Adonis-like physique, which I did my very best to upset with Victor’s Pina Colada Cake and Xango Chango, aka, the fried cheesecake bites. Worry not, Sundgaard will be wedding cake top ready should he and the greatest love of his life start feeling matrimonial.

Some of my questions were very funny to another diner at Victor’s, whose laughing earned her a cameo on my video at startribune.com/video.


Q: Do you get excited when there’s a tornado warning?

A: If I’m not working. It can be kind of stressful if you’re working. But I do enjoy a thunderstorm.


Q: Do you consider yourself what KFAN’s Dan Barreiro calls a weather terrorist?

A: Absolutely not. I consider myself the opposite. I like to be calm. I know what he’s getting at, though. There are a lot of people who try to scare everybody with every snowstorm. I have to fight that at work, in fact, with some people. Producers. I don’t know what they teach journalists but Let’s hype weather all the time.


Q: Do you believe in global warming?

A: Oh boy, that controversy, right? I don’t think there is a controversy. There is climate change. We know it’s warmer and humans are a significant part of it. The people who try to pretend there’s a controversy have some other agenda. Ninety-eight percent of scientists, that’s pretty good. The best analogy I heard once was: A scientist from NOAA said, If you live in Miami and you have a house on the beach and 98 percent of meteorologists tell you there’s a hurricane coming tomorrow, are you going to prepare or ignore it? There you go.


Q: I have so appreciated your outrage over the Confederate flag, especially when President Obama was greeted by the aggressive Sooners waving the flags. What does that flag say to you?

A: Hate and racism. I had a great-great-grandfather who fought in the Civil War in the 38th Iowa Infantry. Injured because those, what’s the word we should use, morons and racists in the South wanted to preserve their way of life. They lost. Actually what I’ve likened it to, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration, let’s pretend that Germany were a state in the U.S. and they still wanted to fly the Nazi flag. Get real.


Q: Is it just me or is there a disproportionate number of highly attractive gay meteorologists in the Twin Cities? And is that specific to meteorology or the Twin Cities?

A: There is a thing. I have a lot of friends who are meteorologists all over the country and we all kind of wonder what is it about meteorology. I mean, weather puts on a good show, I guess. Right? We like a good show.


Q: What made Robert the one, because you were a very busy fellow?

A: There are too many people, whether they are heterosexual or gay, who always have to be in a relationship. To me that’s something you need to figure out about you. I was in a relationship for a couple of years, this was several years ago, before Robert came along. I have never gone looking for anything. To me, fate will always hit you over the head. That’s just the way it works.


Q: Approximately how many shirtless selfies have you taken?

A: Oh, God. Countless. I’m sure a thousand. [Another diner started laughing. I trained my camera on our one-woman-live-studio-audience. They turned away quickly.]



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