There's a Minnesota connection to the Rob Lowe legal wranglings.

Jessica Gibson, one of the former nannies sued by the actor and his wife, Sheryl, appears to have grown up in Lake Elmo. A Stillwater High School spokesperson, reached Friday, told me: "She was a student here and withdrew after her junior year."

Gibson's mom, Eileen Gibson, dad, Jim Gibson, and half-sister, Jamie, gave interviews to Eileen was identified by people as a Lake Elmo teacher and Jim as a technology exec.

Lowe sued Jessica Gibson claiming she demanded $1.5 million to remain silent about alleged terrible things that took place. Before filing lawsuits against her, another nanny and a chef, Lowe wrote a piece on betrayal. Now Gibson has filed a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment, alleging that the actor engaged in a pattern of behavior that included exposing himself and inappropriately touching her, according the media reports.

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