opened for business at the Super Bowl. The online boutique ( that raises money for charities opened a pop-up store in Arizona for its inventory of women's and children's clothing supplied by the wives, girlfriends and significant others of professional athletes. "It's a store for anybody to come in and shop," said Posh Mommy CEO Nicole Jennings, wife of Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings, currently the subject of release rumors. A lot of the items are discounted designer wear. Proceeds from the Super Bowl pop-up store will benefit Face in the Mirror, "a charity out there that gives spa treatments to women who are going through chemo," she said. Jennings' husband, the Packer who became a Viking, provided two highly playful video moments in my If he knew about the release rumors you couldn't tell it in a clip that you'll see beyond the credit. Then again, consistency around the children is an important aspect of their life, Nicole said.

Q: Define a Posh Mommy?

A: A Posh Mommy is a real woman, who loves real fashion, who takes time to put thought into some of her outfits. Anybody can be a Posh Mommy.

Q: What inspired's resale concept?

A: It was a God-given idea I woke up with one day. I have four kids and after having four kids I had tons of clothes not only for myself but also for them. I knew there were other women in the same situation. Charity is in our DNA; we want to give back. So I went out, created a template for the business Posh Mommy and got like-minded women to come on board and help us do what we do.

Q: What makes your company different from other resale shops online?

A: It's kind of where sports meets fashion meets philanthropy. I think it's a different way to give back and just show great things athletes' families and wives are doing behind the scenes.

Q: What is the hardest thing about being the wife of a high-profile athlete?

A: Probably trying to keep balance in our family. The sport comes with different things, ups and downs, but keeping our family life consistent and making sure our kids have that consistency with their dad's life.

Q: What line of work do you think you and your husband will pursue post-NFL?

A: The Posh Mommy is here to stay. I want to help my company [grow] and go from there. Greg is one of those guys I like to call a jack of all trades. I know he has a passion for ministry and not a traditional ministry, so whatever that equates to in our walk in faith I'm excited to see. He likes to dabble in acting. If he doesn't want to pursue it in full force, he's got options.

Q: Did you ever pull for the Vikings before your husband became one?

A: No! No. [Laughter] I'm all in now.

Q: If Adrian Peterson's pride allows him to return to the Vikings, I have faith that he won't have any more issues related to disciplining his children. Your take?

A: The whole situation for me is that we all make mistakes and we live and we learn. But I think we've all made mistakes where we thank God the cameras weren't rolling. I'm praying that's the same situation.

Q: Did your husband tell you what he said to Aaron Rodgers in that famous postgame embrace after your husband had effusively praised, um, Christian Ponder?

A: I think that is something special with the husband and wife relationship. I get the inside scoop, and I try to keep it the inside scoop. I know it was coming off us leaving Green Bay. I know they both had various feelings they wanted to share.

Q: When would you like to see Greg retire?

A: I let him be the vehicle of that decision, mainly because I'm not the one out there getting beat up on and jumped on and bruised. He's been blessed to be able to play nine seasons without any serious, major injuries. I'd like to see him go out before that happens.

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