When wrestler ODB finally opens her own bar, she may not need to hire a bouncer. After 15 "BAM" years on the canvas, she can take care of most problems that might arise at a bar.

One Dirty Bitch is as great a name for a bar as it is a stage name for the baby Carol and Dave Kresa named Jessie.

Her parents introduced Jessie to the ring when she was young, because since the age of 5 she's wanted to be a wrestler. Her brother Travis told her she was going to need a good, strong name fans would enjoy chanting. "He was like, 'Dirty Bitch. One Dirty Bitch!' " she said. "ODB. Kind of good."

And it looks just as good on the bottles of the whiskey-infused barbecue and hot sauce a friend helped ODB create.

Her whiskey voice can make it hard to convince someone on the phone that she is a woman. In person, that's less of an issue for the woman with 157K Twitter followers, lots of tattoos and breast implants.

A Ring of Honor talent, she is on Destination America Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and on the CW23 Saturdays at 10 p.m. ODB will be the only woman in a mixed tag-team match at Hopkins' Eisenhower Community Center Saturday. She'll partner with Jay Briscoe as they take on Jay Lethal and Truth Martini.

I drove almost to St. Cloud to interview ODB at her beloved Airstream trailer. She thinks it would be a perfect backdrop for a reality show on which she auditions men brave enough to look in her direction for love. Bachelors must love an Airstream.

My apologies for the quality of my video. I'm blaming the decline in my video skills on Apple's new iMovie. Thanks to my Strib colleague photographer Jim Gehrz, my screenwriter Stone Arch Entertainment pal Evan Kail, and Twitter's @TheProductPoet, whose help, input and patience are why ODB has a startribune.com/video.

Q: As a young girl you thought, "Hey, I'm gonna be a wrestler!"

A: I've always been a fan. Growing up, my parents would take me and my brother to shows at armories. Minnesota had the AWA back in the day. Minnesota was one of your main territories. I got to see the Highflyer, Jumpin' Jim Brunzell, Vern Gagne, the Road Warriors. Then the gym back in Plymouth off Hwy. 55; we'd go hang out there. I'd wear my Zubaz and Venice Beach muscle shirt. Wait for the wrestlers to come by and take pictures with them. Some of them were cool.

Q: How girly-girl were you in your pre-wrestling days? Do you Barbie it up?

A: Oh boy. I don't know if I ever Barbied it up. I played softball. I was actually in dance, too. Tap, jazz, ballet. I sucked at ballet, I was always in the back row. Tap, I just went like this [flapping her hands around] with my feet. Jazz I liked. That was my favorite. I didn't really like wearing makeup or dresses. I was very alternative when I went to college. But as I'm getting older, I'm becoming more girly-girl off screen. People don't realize I do have feelings and I'm more sensitive, I think. [Laughs.]

Q: Would you want your daughter to do this?

A: No. If I ever have kids. I've got to find a man first, to keep. No. Especially a daughter. I don't want her experiencing. … It's not a bad business, but I've seen some of the boys and it's rough being a chick in the business. You've got to earn respect. I became one of the boys. The boys are more afraid of me than I am of them.

Q: Is wrestling the beginning and end of your dreams, or do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

A: Oh yeah, I can smell what he's cooking. The wrestling has put me on the map, the ODB. I've been wrestling for 15 years, professionally on TV since 2007. I've got my name out there in the wrestling world. Now I'm starting to feel more stuff coming on. I just came out with my own hot sauce. One Dirty Bitch Whiskey Hot Sauce, and I have a barbecue sauce, too. You can get that at saucecrafters.com. I have my Airstream trailer. I've done a lot of PR work with that and actually I would love to travel with that and my hot sauce and see where it takes me. I don't want to be a big action movie star. Maybe have my own little reality show, "Hooking Up With ODB," huh? [Laughter].

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