Jason Matheson and Collin Haas got married Saturday.

Family members of the co-host of MyTalk107.1’s marquee show knew what kind of wedding Matheson would have. But Hass’ family were not sure about many aspects of this marriage between two men.

With the help of Hennepin County Director of Public Affairs Carolyn Marinan, I met Matheson and Haas the day of their appointment to pick up a marriage license. After the paperwork was completed, I sat down for an interview with Haas. Since, we already know Matheson — between his radio show and TV job at WCCO-TV — consider this an introduction to his husband, a business manager, who is taking Matheson’s name. As usual, Matheson provided some priceless commentary -- I’m calling them Jasonbombs -- best appreciated in my startribune.com/video.


Q: Tell me about your family’s reaction to preparing to attend your wedding.

A: Well, my family’s a little more rural. Some of them were calling with questions: What do we say? What do we not say? What do we wear? That was kind of the out-there question. I had to explain that a gay wedding is still a wedding. Nothing’s different there. I think they think everyone’s going to be in booty shorts and rainbow confetti. We have taste [ie., normal wedding attire is appropriate].


Q: What were they worried they’ll say?

A: That’s what I’m afraid of. [They’re afraid Richard Simmons is going to pop out of a cake or something, added Matheson.]


Q: There’s a big surprise coming during the reception?

A: Trying to think of how to put this without giving too much away. Our friend Jen [Lueck] is providing our cake. It’s a surprise with our cake. I’ll leave it at that.


Q: Are you a) adopting, b) looking for eggs and a uterus in the scientific sense, or c) not having kids?

A: I would say it depends on the day that you ask us. I think, in all seriousness, we’d probably like to have kids one day. We’ve got time for that. And if we do, I think we’d probably want to hire a uterus and egg and all of that jazz. We’ll probably explore that down the road. [So if YOU know a uterus, call us! intoned Matheson, sounding like a commercial pitchman, leaning into the camera shot.]


Q: Given that a large percentage of marriages don’t work, which one of you is in charge of calling me should yours fail?

A: I think you’ll call us. [Both laughed.]


Q: Who’s been the bigger Groomzilla?

A: Depends on the day. I think I’m more the planner but Jason can be a little more short-tempered on things, so I kind of daily do little pokes: “We need to make a decision about this. We need to make a little decision about this.” After about three time it’s “No more questions. I’m done. Leave me alone.” I’m the planner, he’s the temper. [Jason is laughing in the background and stressing that he doesn’t lose his temper until “after three questions.”]


Q: I think I know who the peacock is in this relationship so, Collin, what’s the most showy, annoying antic of Jason’s?

A: He’s not really showy, at least not at home. I don’t see him at work.


Q: So you’re a bigger peacock than he is? Is that what you’re telling me?

A: Come to our house one night. See the ritual at our home. We put on our after-school clothes, our lounging wear and the three of us, [including] our dog, lay in bed and watch TV. It’s nothing glamorous. No peacocks.


Q: Why do you have this $50 name Collinsworth? [Jason is laughing in the background.]

A: It’s haunted me all my life. My dad picked the name because he thought I should be president one day and he said the president needs to have a regal name, so Collinsworth Nelson Haas. It’s caused so many problems.


Q: Who leaves the toilet seat up most often?

A: Jason, I would say.


Q: Who has more shoes?

A: Really a tough one. We both have a lot of shoes. Jason probably has more just because I am too frugal to go out and buy another pair where he’s not. He’ll just go buy them if he wants them.


Q: Have you guys been to pre-marriage counseling. [Laughter from Matheson]

A: No [more laughter from Matheson]. No, no, no, no, no. We’ve had offers and I shot that down. No.


Q: So, it’s a good thing I’m here! Do you accept that as part of any marriage there is the reality that there will be days when you don’t like each other?

A: Oh. We’ve already had those days. That’s what the spare bedroom is for.


Q: I leave you with the marriage wisdom of, I believe Ron Howard, Opie. It’s about the commitment, it’s about the commitment, it’s about the commitment.

A: Amen.


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