Adrian Peterson is still in good enough shape to generate wind when he runs by, according to Kevin Hart.

Last week after Peterson and his wife, Ashley, attended the Austin, Texas, stop on Hart’s comedy tour, the guys decided to run a 40-yard dash. “Enjoyed the @KevinHart4real #WhatNow show last night. We cried laughin the entire show! 10 yd spot next time Kev lol,” Peterson posted to his Twitter account, with a photo of him, @MrsAshPeterson and Hart.

“Is comedian Kevin Hart really damn fast or did Adrian Peterson lose a step or two during his suspension?” City Pages worried Monday.

The Minnesota Vikings running back, currently suspended by the NFL after pleading no contest to a reckless assault charge, created a sensation in a late-night race against Hart captured on cellphone video (

Peterson assumed a three-point stance at the starting line, while a standing Hart bent down a little, thus giving the comedian/actor an advantage. Peterson also stumbled at the gate, another advantage for Hart. An expletive yelled on the video has been attributed to Peterson, although it sounds more like Hart’s voice to me. One website speculated that Peterson said what amounts to, “Aw, shoot!” because he didn’t realize how fast Hart was.

Hart, who’s also having success in the movies, heard about it when he was on “Entertainment Tonight” promoting a Super Bowl appearance. Kevin Frazier, “ET” co-host, said, “I heard NFL star Adrian Peterson blew you away in Austin last night.”

“I’m not going to lie,” Hart said. “There was a moment when he passed me I felt wind.”

While Hart is a compact 5 feet 2, according to one website, he looks fit. His quadriceps were obvious and he was not wearing tight pants in a “Lip Sync Battle” on “Jimmy Fallon’s Super Bowl” special. To Will Ferrell, Hart’s co-star in the upcoming movie “Get Hard,” the comedian sang John Legend’s “All of Me” and then Hart lip-synced Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Funny stuff.

With Hart and Peterson buddies, based on the respective Twitter accounts of Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, why hasn’t Hart been the star of an Adrian Peterson charity event? I’d pay to see Adrian vs. Kevin in a lip-syncing contest.

It’s agreed. Grow up, Johnny!

Leave it to a linebacker to show no mercy for a QB, as retired Viking and current KFANer Ben Leber verbally decked the problem child of the Browns, Johnny Manziel.

“I have compassion and respect for people seeking treatment but it seems like #JohnnyFootball needs rehab for being a spoiled brat,” reads a Monday post from Twitter’s @nacholeber.

I totally agree. But while I want Manziel to be as exciting and successful in the NFL as he was at Texas A&M, I’m sick and tired of the MONEY FINGERS. Manziel will be headed down a better path if he leaves the immature antics of frat boy Johnny at rehab.

MPR bleeps ‘Prairie Home’

Normally a PG broadcast, Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” went PG-13 Saturday.

Sunday’s MPR rebroadcast opened with an apology to listeners for offensive language that would be heard approximately 48 minutes later. Around the 46-minute mark it became clear that the offensive language would not drop from Keillor’s Wobegon lips, as Robbie Fulks’ band was tuning up to do another song.

I heard the word “hell” and wondered if Prairie ears were so delicate. Then a word was bleeped — not enough to prevent knowing exactly what was sung. While I don’t know why the word is considered profane, I think it could get you fined by the FCC. I’m pleased the FCC doesn’t control Twitter or Facebook, where the expression would be mild.

Despite the bleepable lyric, the song earned a compliment from Keillor: “Robbie Fulks and his band. Aw, that’s a good song. Good song, ‘Where I Fell.’ ”

If you’ve just got to know what the bleeped word was, Google the lyrics and look for the sentence that starts: “Game score, tea party, world war …”

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