I am thrilled to announce that NYC-based sunglasses entrepreneurs Coco & Breezy have finally found an outfit to sell their product in their native state.

About two weeks ago, they were back in town and doing an interview with WCCO, Breezy said by phone Tuesday. "And they quoted your [July 2014] story, how you mentioned that we weren't in any stores in Minnesota. We reached back out to the Spectacle Shoppe and shared all that press and how it's ridiculous, we're from here [Apple Valley] and we're killin' it [elsewhere] but we're not in any stores here. … We had a meeting with them and they picked us up the same day and they are placing us in all four of their locations. They are so pumped about having us exclusively."

Now Minnesotans will have easier access to sunglasses good enough for Beyoncé, Prince, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Their shades are already on display at Spectacle Shoppes in the metro, I've been informed.

"Another update," said Breezy. "We are [finalizing] the launch date for the three-rim sunglasses, the ones that Prince wore. We haven't told anybody yet, so we definitely [wanted] to tell you. … We re-engineered the design, so now you can wear them with three lenses and you're able to remove the third lens and wear them with two lenses. The new name for the three-lens shades is 'Tres.' "

That should expand the market for the sunglasses they designed for Prince, which he wore on "Saturday Night Live." The only time average people need three lenses is when the shades are paired with a big Afro wig for Halloween.

Viral Starbucks spill

"Oooh, it's an Internet star," Fox 9's Shawn O'Donnell, engineer in charge, teased anchor Tom Butler when he arrived on the set of the "Jason Show" Wednesday to talk about the celebrity that's come from dribbling coffee.

Video of Butler's messy-looking Monday segment with Fox Business reporter Adam Shapiro was played by Jimmy Fallon on NBC's "The Tonight Show" and was the "Moment of Zen," on Comedy Central's Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Butler and Shapiro were discussing the public outrage directed at Starbucks for unveiling a tasteful red cup for the holidays that doesn't scream MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Butler was taking the high road: "You know what ticks me off about this cup? What ticks me off about this cup, Adam, is that there's nothing in it." When Butler turned the cup upside down, a little latte foam came out. "Oh geez, there was something in it!" he cried in the video viewable at tinyurl.com/o3644lr.

Not to worry. The contents spilled on the desk and not that fine suit the sartorially splendid Butler was wearing.

The Starbucks cup had been provided by producer Shayne Wells, who's soon to make her debut as the new Fox 9 traffic reporter. (Wells replaces Kelsey Soby, who surprised many by quitting in June. I still want an interview, Kelsey, about your rumored plans to become famous quicker.) While discussing the mishap on Jason Matheson's show, Butler said the lack of lipstick stains led him to believe she had not drunk from the cup.

When anchor Alix Kendall drinks from a coffee cup, there's no doubt her lips have been there, Butler told members of the "Jason Show" audience.

By the way Janet Jackson …

Market BBQ is celebrating 2016, its 70th year, by adding a food truck.

Anthony Polski, the Willy Wonka of BBQ, has been working on this for a couple of years. "The truck has been customized. At the restaurant I am passing out these Wonka [chocolate] Bars. With the golden ticket you can win a free lunch off my barbecue truck from my barbecue factory," he laughed.

"On a side note we fed Janet Jackson when she was here."

Why didn't he call with this tidbit?

"I don't know," said Polski. "I called to tell you about this food truck and it seemed like you were busy."

What a knucklehead not to begin the conversation with Jackson, which is RIGHT NOW vs. a food truck, debuting NEXT YEAR! Market owner Steve Polski should supervise this boy more.

"We [took] her the brisket, the chicken, the ribs to Target Center," said the junior Polski. "I love you. Am I ever going to see you again?"

I told him I was busy and goodbye.

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