KARE 11 weekend anchor Cory Hepola is the household fashionista, and his wife and co-anchor, Camille Williams, couldn’t care less.

Since the parents of three started co-anchoring on Saturdays and Sundays, they’ve been coordinating their attire, and viewers have been enjoying it, for the most part.

“I will admit that it was my idea that we match. We wanted to show that we’re a team,” Hepola said.

“He thinks it’s fun, and I think Cory has a great sense of style, so actually he makes me look good,” Williams said. “I don’t have a sense of style. I went to private school, so I wore a uniform. Maybe that’s why I’m not into fashion?”

Q: Has there been a lot of reaction to coordinating your TV clothes?

A: Cory: I have been very impressed with the response. After every single show, tweets, messages on Facebook, e-mails, calls. When we go out, people come up to me and say, I’m so glad you are anchoring with your wife. We love to see it. Whose decision was it that you match? We notice every single time.

Camille: He’s always been very GQ. Whenever I pick out something, it doesn’t always match.

Q: Does that hurt, Camille?

A: No. I grew up as a tomboy. I’m not a fashionista. That’s not what I take pride in, so it doesn’t hurt my feelings. [She laughs.]

Q: When did clothes become important to you, Cory?

A: Well, I was best dressed in high school. Even in seventh, eighth grade, I wore polos, button-up shirts to school instead of T-shirts and sweatpants and jeans or khakis. I always wanted to look nice.


Q: Did you dare wear a bow tie?

A: Naw, I was never a bow tie guy. On game days like basketball (I was a big basketball player), I dressed for every game.


Q: My favorite thing about your dresses, Camille, is that your shoulders are never exposed in cut outs. TV anchor women with the cutout shoulder dresses and tops look like they just came in from “the club.” It looks unprofessional.

A: I have a shirt like that, but I don’t wear it on TV. I agree with you. It’s not my style, and there’s a fine line between looking professional and good and like “the club.” I think sometimes you can get there with some of the clothing women wear on TV now. I don’t think it’s bad to go sleeveless.


Q: Been thinking about this a lot since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. Scenario: The kids are with the grandparents, so they are safe. You guys have to evacuate. Is there anything in your closet you’ve got to take, Cory? Camille doesn’t care.

A: Aw man, I’d probably grab my new burgundy suit. [He smiles, she laughs.] That one’s pretty sweet.


Q: What color do you look good in even when you are under the weather?

A: Camille: I’d say red for me.

Cory: You look good in everything [said with a non-leering tone]. Probably blue for me because of my eyes. [And then they drew me into their ongoing debate about whether his eyes are blue or green. Treacherous territory.]


Q: What does your sock drawer look like, Cory?

A: It’s pretty full. I always try to match the socks to the tie.


Q: Which parent was the clotheshorse, Cory?

A: My mom is unbelievable with color, style and patterns. I can text her. But my dad got me into ties when I was young, reading the lessons [at church].


Q: Is there anybody on television whose style you really appreciate, Cory?

A: Matt Brickman at ’CCO. Yeah. He always looks good.


Q: Brickman’s got a new burgundy suit, too?

A: I had it first.


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