Things got out of hand during my interview with the afternoon drive hosts of 105 the Ticket's "Bob & Mike" show, Bob Sansevere and Mike Morris.

That can make for entertaining radio and but we'll have to see how it translates into print. Bob & Mike & their producer Ben Holsen incorporated me into one of their recent shows as a guest. They told listeners I was there doing an interview that Bob & Mike wanted to happen completely on air. That wasn't going to work for me, so during the commercial breaks I tried to get some questions asked. On a couple of occasions, my questions went live on the radio show they have been doing since Sept. 9, 2013.

The three radio guys had an on-air discussion of the way I do things, which also included regular contributor Ruth Lordan, the psychic.

Sansevere, the former Pioneer Press sports columnist now part time and blogging for the St. Paul paper, has been doing radio for 26 years, as a contributor on the KQ Morning show. He does KQ in the mornings five days a week and 105 the Ticket in the afternoon. Morris is the former longtime KFAN morning show host who was a long-snapper for the Vikings. The uninitiated need to know that Morris' act can sometimes involve provocative statements, mostly in jest, that are delivered in a reasonable tone of voice.

Neither Sansevere nor Morris has sounded very calm since photos surfaced of Adrian Peterson's 4-year-old son cut and welted after getting whupped with a switch by his dad. Peterson has been indicted in Texas for child abuse.

Sansevere and Morris led the charge for Vikings officials to suspend Peterson indefinitely.

Morris has told radio listeners, "You need a mean streak" to make it in the NFL.

"I would say it doesn't hurt if you're mean on the field," Sansevere said when I talked to him, "but you have to shut that off when you're in your private life. You can't do what he did to that child. You probably know, my wife [Mary] and I did foster care for a number of years," said the father of five. "If something like that happens in Minnesota, child protective services would have that child out of that family and he would see that child maybe once or twice a week under supervision. And it was child abuse, I don't care what Adrian Peterson or his defenders say."

"I thought [the Vikings] handled it the right way when they deactivated him and then they bungled it with that announcement [of Peterson's reinstatement]. … I'm a little skeptical that the routing by New England had nothing to do with it. It took them a long way to get there but they finally made the right decision. I don't think the Vikings will cut him unless something else comes out. I think the Vikings won't have him on the roster next year and will trade him. There are teams that will be interested — foremost, the Cowboys."

The mood was decidedly lighter the day this Q & A was conducted.

For the first time there is video of Morris greeting me by lifting me like I'm a kindergartner — something that started at the State Fair a few years ago. He threw in a new move, however, that caught me off guard.

Q: You guys are not in a relationship, but what qualities are there in each other that are like husband and wife?

MM: I can't think of one thing that would even come close to that. We don't argue.

BS: No. But unlike my relationship with my wife, he can be a pain sometimes... The bigger problem is the problem child Ben. It's like parenting.

MM: Our little boy. I'm just going to say we're very close. It's a good marriage so far.

BS: I would say honestly it's better than I could ever imagine. He really is a great guy to work with.

MM: Bit of a stretch.

Q: Could either of you do a full show that had no sports component?

MM: Oh yeah, no trouble.

BS: I happen to have been fortunate enough to have been involved in the KQ Morning show for more than a quarter of a century, and we had a little bit of sports but most of it was not sports. Of course, Tom Barnard; it's his show and he's key and we talk about things that are about as far away from sports as can be. The thing I've learned about Mike and I think Ben has, too: He has a great sense of humor. Sometimes it's a lot more fun just talking than talking about sports.

MM: I think I got into radio because I can just talk, fit in with almost anything; whether it's music or movies or serial killers, I can talk about any of that stuff. I enjoy having fun and just staying loose, like a locker-room-type situation where you talk about anything. In a locker room, people think, apparently, all guys do is talk sports. No. In a locker room, you talk about everything else but sports. And that's why I know I can do a show with no sports. What sports people love most is being goofy, being outrageous. People who love sports are generally good-natured, want to have fun, easygoing people [who] just enjoy life in a different way from people who are uptight.

BS: Another thing, I love talking about sports with Ben and Mike and the listeners. But when you go home and people want to talk about sports, I'll do it but it's kind of like when you're a plumber you don't want to work on the pipes. The thing we try to do and based on the feedback we get we accomplish it, we try to have fun with it.

Q: What's the most stupid thing you have ever said on the radio?

BS: Well, as you well know, I told Jack Jablonski to get off his ass. And Jack, by the way, handled that wonderfully. "Bob, do you know what you just said?" He's a great kid. He has a great career in TV or radio if he wants it. I sent an e-mail to his dad and his dad said, "We all thought it was funny and Jack did, too." As I said to him at the time: There is work being done at the University of Louisville where they are helping quadriplegics and paraplegics walk. I have no doubt. He is already regaining some sensation in his toes. I know he'll get off his ass at some point. Those are the ones you wish you hadn't said, but …

MM: You know that kid, [Jablonski] gives people a lot of guff anyway. I think he expects to get a little guff back. I've said a lot of really dumb [stuff]. Swearing. I don't know if you know this but I fart on the air a lot.

BS: And he can do it to music.

Q: Do you really? Can you even spell flatulence?

MM: I can do it to music.

Q: Would either of you ever admit that your eyes drifted downward in a locker room?

BS: I would say anyone who covered the Vikings in the 1980s wondered why Doug Martin was called Big Blood.

MM: [Laughs at Sansevere] I've always been one [who] has my eyes drift. Always. And every day, I meant, looking down at my socks, putting my shoes on, to put my pants on.

Q: Are Teddy Bridgewater's ears small for the size of his head? [Holsen laughs.]

MM: I don't know. Where do you come up with these questions?

BS: I've never looked at them. I don't know. That's something I haven't looked at.

Q: Morris, you've heard Tony Dungy yell?

MM: I've heard him bark a little bit. Yep. [Morris previously gave a more expansive answer to this question.]

Q: Is Tiger Woods done and just doesn't know it yet?

MM: He's probably done with winning majors.

Q: Mike, are you still mad with your former coach Denny Green? You still sound bitter.

MM: No. I've actually been very good to him lately. Haven't I? [Morris asked Sansevere.] He was a good coach. He was a pretty sharp guy. He was the brightest guy I've ever been around football-wise. He was the best football guy [knowledge-wise] I've been around. I rip on him … but what have I also said about his coaching and his assessment of talent?

BS: You have been kind to him.

Q: Was there much talk in the Vikings locker room about who was gay when you were playing?

MM: No, we had one in there with us the whole time. Esera Tuaolo. No [we didn't know]. I had no issue with that. C.J., I have to do the show from HERE. I have to be HERE [Morris complained as I asked him to shift into my camera's frame when we were on the air.]

BS: C.J.'s got a couple of cameras going. She'd be tough to work for if she was the director. Do you get the sense that CJ's bossy, Ruth Lordan (

RL: Well, I've known C.J. for many years and I wouldn't say she's bossy as much as I would say she's efficient, and sometimes in order to make things work, you've got to boss people around.

BH: Determined.

RL: Efficient.

BS: You're very diplomatic and you'll show up favorably in her column.

BH: Unlike me. She's going to do a whole story on my [painted] toes.

RL: Speaking of purple toes, maybe C.J. can help. I brought each of you a bottle of purple polish. I talked to Mary.

BS: It's not going to happen. I already have purple toes from the bruising when I stubbed my toe.

Q: What kind of tree would you be? (A Barbara Walters question Sansevere has asked interview subjects.)

BS: You know, obviously I like to eat. I would be taking every nutrient out of the ground I could. I'd be a sequoia!

MM: You think you can push me around? [Complaining about a position I asked him to shift into for the video.]

Q: In what athletic challenge could you beat Sansevere?

MM: Any athletic challenge. Bocce, lawn ball, weightlifting.

BS: The only thing I might be able to do better, I think I could beat him driving a horse; course I can do that. I'll tell you what else he can do. He will set the world record in his age group for the javelin. He already has thrown over 240 feet.

MM: The problem with that is I was 21 when I did that.

Q: Have either one of you ever sewn a button on anything?

BS: When I was younger I could

MM: Many times. I'm from southern Iowa. Where'd that come from? Why'd you say that?

Q: I was thinking of things it would be funny to watch you do.

MM: Interesting, interesting.

BS: I also have an 8-year-old who can sew...we're on air...

Q: Bob, what's the most expensive memorabilia you ever purchased?

BS: I don't think I've ever purchased a piece of memorabilia. The piece of memorabilia I have that I'll never get rid of: I covered the 1975 Little League Championship, the Lakewood little leaguers. I was working in New Jersey then. Every kid on the team signed it. I cherish that 'cause it meant something at that time in my career

Q: How many games are the Vikings going to win this year?

MM: Ten, at the most.

BS: Ten. I said that, too.

Interviews are edited. To contact C.J. try and to see her watch Fox 9's "Buzz."