budgrantBud Grant is on Twitter is the kind of sentence that starts to lose meaning if you say it enough times. There are words and phrases like that — where you keep repeating them to the point that you don’t know what they mean or even question if they are words.

But yes: tweet to Bud Grant. That’s a thing you can do now. It’s a click away, as you can see, on the 87-year-old former Vikings coach’s Twitter account.

Once you get past the “old guy on Twitter” jokes, though, maybe this shouldn’t seem so strange. The site has more than 200 million active users, and once you get past any kind of skepticism you realize it’s just another way to communicate.

And Bud, as stoic as he was on the sidelines, could can  handle change. Go from the CFL to the NFL? Why not. Move to the Metrodome? Sure.

Lastly, Grant is shrewd. It surely can’t be a coincidence that he started the account just a couple of weeks before having another garage sale — the follow-up to a hugely successful event that happened around the same time last year.

Whatever the motivation, welcome to the weird, fun and crazy world of Twitter, Bud. Follow me back for the chance to meet up with other Internet weirdos for nachos sometime.

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