The biggest event of the year means big appetites.

So what are people going to be eating at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis? We checked out Aramark’s U.S. Bank Stadium menu preview on Wednesday to take a look at — and more than a few bites of — the meatiest, cheesiest, over-the-top concoctions that football fans will be digging into while cheering on the game’s best (sorry, Vikings fans).

We’re talking wild waffle ice cream creations, buckets of jalapeño cheese curds and themed sandwiches celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots — grub so good you’ll want to call for an instant replay.

Here are 10 of the best concourse noshes, including a few that are new to the stadium:


New England Clam Roll

In an ode to Boston’s saltwater roots, this Kettle Chip-crusted clam roll is smothered with tartar sauce and shredded lettuce — but make sure you gobble it up fast, it has the tendency to deflate. (New item)
Find it: House Divided stand, Section 118


South Philly Roast Pork Sandwich

This isn’t your typical Philly cheese — in fact, the cheese is perky provolone rather than a melty, saucy blanket, but this underdog has plenty of bite, just like the backup-QB-boasting Eagles, as the boys in purple well know. (New item)
Find it: House Divided stand, Section 118


Bubble Waffle Cones

Looking for your most Instagrammable option? That would be new-for-the-Super Bowl vendor Bubble Waffle, which is peddling wacky ice cream monstrosities — complete with fired marshmallows, Fruity Pebbles, brownies and more — tucked inside pillowy waffles that are shaped into cones. (New item)
Find it: Bubble Waffle, Section 111


Smoked Pork Belly Sandwich

Revival’s crew has done it again — introducing their newest meat-between-buns specialty. This time around? Think thick slabs of tender pork belly, topped with mustard BBQ sauce, slaw and pickles on Texas toast. (New item)
Find it: Revival, Section 111


2-Minute Drill Dog

What do you get when you wrap a hot dog in bacon, douse it with Buffalo ketchup, blue cheese, diced celery and ranch? Well, you get the 2-Minute Drill Dog, a new hot item at the big game. (New item)
Find it: Prairie Dogs, Section 122


Dry-Rubbed Smoked Rib Tips

Craving your iron fix? Lola’s — the new eatery coming to the former Tin Fish location at Lake Calhoun — has got you covered with a big bowl of fatty, flavorful rib chunks, slathered with a tangy BBQ sauce.
Find it: Lola’s Cafe, Section 334


Jalapeño Cheese Curds Bucket

Maybe you’ve had cheese curds — those fried Midwestern balls of love — but you likely haven’t had any this BIG. Oh, and did we mention they come packed with jalapeños and in piled a bucket with a side of ranch dressing.
Find it: Curds N Cakes, Section 118


Rusty Taco

How do you go wrong with roasted pork snuggling in a soft corn shell along with onion, cilantro and a sweet-savory pineapple relish? You don’t. Drizzle with the habañero salsa if you dare.
Find it: R Taco, Section 310


T-Rex Cookies

Don’t forget to save room for these grand finales that are mammoth enough to be the main event. These sweets — you can pick them up in most 5-pound or 1-pound varieties — come in sea salt caramel, chocolate chip, s’more and peanut butter.
Find it: Hyundai, Medtronic and FMP Clubs


Ike’s Roadhouse Sloppy Joe

Sometimes you just want a big mess of meat, perhaps with onions, peppers and spices on a kaiser roll — and throw some house-made chips in there too, because this is not a game for weaklings. (New item)
Find it: Ike’s Food & Cocktails, Sections 119 and 329


Other new items include: Mac N Cheese (in Sections 116, 310 and 337), Walleye Chowder (Hyundai and FMP Clubs), Kramarczuk’s Wild Rice Bratwurst (Hyundai, FMP and Medtronic Clubs), Braised Short Rib Sandwich (Hyundai, FMP and Medtronic Clubs) and a pair of Head-to-Head Signature Cocktails, the Wicked Red, representing the AFC and The Midnight Green Punch, representing the NFC (House Divided stand, Section 118).