TV talking heads babbling about politics almost make meteorologists look good. No hedging, place your bets! Iowa is under a blizzard watch but heaviest snows come tonight, well after the caucus votes.

There's some anecdotal evidence that rain and snow favor Republican candidates. Then again you can prove anything with statistics.

It's appropriate that Iowa will bear the brunt of the blizzard, with a foot of wind-whipped snow for Des Moines. The term "blizzard" was originally used to describe a volley of cannon and musket fire. In 1870 a creative editor at an Iowa newspaper borrowed the word to describe a severe winter storm, and a new, enduring definition was born.

The heaviest snow bands set up over southeast Minnesota but a plowable snow is still possible in the metro Tuesday, especially southern and eastern suburbs.

Seasonably chilly air follows the storm but latest models aren't as cold as two weeks ago; in fact we may thaw out again by Sunday. Forties this past weekend? Felt good.