A lung cancer diagnosis isn't deterring Brooklyn Park City Council Member Jeanette Meyer from fulfilling her duty to the city.

Meyer recently sought medical attention for what she thought was pneumonia. She was told, "no, sorry, it's cancer," she said Tuesday. Doctors have determined the cancer has spread beyond her lungs.

Still, she said, she has no plans to resign her post. She plans to divide her time between work and treatments, though she said she's not hoping for a cure.

"Initially, it really knocked me off my pins," she said. "But I still love this community, and that's been my focus: How do I get through this so I can continue to do what I love?"

Meyer, 58, has lived in Brooklyn Park for 35 years. She is the longest-serving member of the council, having first been elected in 1998; her fourth consecutive term runs through 2014.

In February of last year, the city lost Mayor Steve Lampi to cancer.

Meyer said she is taking strength from her work, as well as the support of her family.