State abolishes health care exchange

A bill dissolving Cover Oregon, the state's dysfunctional health insurance exchange, has been signed by Gov. Kate Brown. The measure, which had bipartisan support, transfers responsibilities for the Oregon exchange to the state Department of Consumer and Business Services. Cover Oregon was plagued by problems almost from its onset. No Oregonian was ever able to enroll online in a private plan under the Affordable Care Act because the state exchange never had a functioning website.


Child found alive 14 hours after crash in river

An 18-month-old girl survived a car crash in a frigid Utah river after being strapped in a car seat upside-down for some 14 hours before being found by a fisherman. The condition of Lily Groesbeck was upgraded from critical to stable but critical at a Salt Lake City hospital, but her 25-year-old mother, Lynn Groesbeck of Springville, was found dead in the car, police said Sunday. The fisherman discovered the car on its top in the Spanish Fork River, about 50 miles south of Salt Lake City.


Three dead in rocket attack on U.N. base

Three people including a U.N. soldier were killed and 14 wounded in a rocket attack early Sunday on a U.N. base in Mali's northeastern city of Kidal, the United Nations mission in Mali said. More than 30 rockets and shells hit the U.N. base in Kidal, killing a U.N. soldier and two civilian children. An additional 14 people were wounded. The attack came a day after a masked gunman sprayed bullets into a restaurant and bar in Mali's capital, Bamako, killing five people, including a Frenchman and a Belgian.


Athens is running out of cash

Despite the European accord last month to extend a financial lifeline to Greece, Athens is rapidly running out of cash. So it is scrambling to find new, even radical ways to fill the shortfall — including a proposal to recruit citizens and tourists to spy on suspected tax evaders. Greece's coffers may be empty before the end of this month, as tax receipts shrink and the economy shows signs of lapsing back into recession. Athens officials have hinted they may have trouble repaying or refinancing a total of about 7 billion euros, or $7.7 billion, owed in March to the International Monetary Fund and other creditors, or meeting government salary and pension obligations.


Canada, Kurds disagree over soldier's death

Canadian and Kurdish officials offered conflicting accounts of the death of a Canadian soldier in a friendly-fire incident in Iraq, with the Kurds saying he was on the front lines directing airstrikes and the Canadians saying he was not there that night and was well behind the front line when shot. The death of Sgt. Andrew Joseph Doiron on Friday marked Canada's first casualty as part of the U.S.-led coalition's war on ISIL. Three other Canadian soldiers were injured in the incident.

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