Teddy Bridgewater is polite, respectful and without controversy. If he had a warning label on his side, it would advise not to listen to his press conferences while operating heavy machinery.

He kept it low key again today as he met with reporters four days before the Vikings and Packers play for the NFC North title at Lambeau Field.

The second-year quarterback did drop in a pinch of a Yogi Berra-ism during his opening remarks.

“It’s a big game,” Bridgewater said, “but we can’t let the game become bigger than what it is.”

He went on to explain big versus BIG.

“We can’t let the game become too big,” he said. “We’re playing for a lot right now, but at the same time, you have to go out there and be ourselves. We don’t have to do anything extra. We don’t have to put any S’s on our chests, capes on our backs. We just have to do our job and do it well.”

Bridgewater was asked if there’s an example of a game in which he let the moment get too BIG for him. The person asking the question had San Francisco on his mind. Teddy did not.

“I don’t think there’s a moment where that’s happened,” Bridgewater said. “I try to remain poised and just approach each game with the same mindset and the same focus.”

Bridgewater’s boss, coach Mike Zimmer, didn’t quite agree when asked if there were times when Bridgewater let the moment get to him and tried to do too much.

“A couple times, when he’s gotten jacked up,” Zimmer said. “I think there’s been times he’s tried to do too much. But I think everybody is like that at times. But it’s not just a big moment for Teddy. I’m hoping it’s big for the defensive line and offensive line and really everybody.”

Bridgewater said the Vikings have developed a different mentality since they slept through the 38-7 loss to Seattle. They’re 2-1 since then, with the one loss being the three-point loss at Arizona on a short week with four defensive starters out because of injury.

“It’s definitely a different team,” he said. “It’s a group of guys who are focused and a group of guys who don’t want the Seattle performance to happen again. It was an embarrassment, losing like that, especially at home. But you learn from it.”

The passing game has improved the last three weeks, which should help heading into the playoffs.

“We’re just getting the ball out faster,” Bridgewater said. “Moving me around a little bit and doing different things, and it’s been working.”

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