Teddy Bridgewater has now been the starting pitcher in a Major League Baseball game for more teams than Sandy Koufax.

OK, right, he hasn't actually appeared in the official game. But he has thrown out the first pitch for two different teams. In 2014, he did the honor for the Twins. And on Monday, he did the same for his hometown Miami Marlins.

Hey, the Vikings are asking him to cut it loose this year. The Vikings' official Twitter account, of course, noticed something was missing — something a baseball player (and Bridgewater, on the football field) normally wears: a glove.

Bridgewater will trade a baseball for a football later this week when the Vikings open training camp Friday in Mankato. Many have written this is a crucial year for Bridgewater. Interestingly, Pro Football Focus suggests in a recent piece that he already was in the top half of league QBs in 2015.

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