Because we haven’t had enough of these movies:

Forget vampires, because the up-and-coming zombie trend has just gotten a stamp of approval from none other than Brad Pitt. At Comic-Con this morning, MTV confirmed that Pitt is set to star in World War Z, an adaptation of Max Brooks's graphic novel about a zombie apocalypse. If all goes according to plan, Pitt could have a full franchise on his hands.

Oh, it could be good, but I am sick of zombies. Slow moaners: sick of ‘em. Speedy hungry ones: sick of ‘em. As fas as I’m concerned, there are two zombie movies: the first “Night of the Living Dead,” which had an impact difficult to explain to today’s jaded kids, and “24 Days Later,” which seemed desperate and real until it fell apart at the end. More interested in this, really:


No idea when it's coming out, but it looks fun. As "Zombieland" proved, fun is essential for a zombie movie.

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