Carmen Webber has the secret to busting that clothing rut: scissors.

In "Denim Mania: 25 Stylish Ways to Transform Your Jeans" (St. Martin's Press, $19.95), Webber and design partner Carmia Marshall offer up an info-packed guide to customizing clothing.

This is the second book (the first is "T-Shirt Makeovers: 20 Transformations for Fabulous Fashions") on which the pair have collaborated. They also have a successful boutique clothing line, Sistahs of Harlem.

"With the atmosphere that everyone is going green, part of this is recycling," Webber, 37, said recently by phone. "It's really fun and really interesting to share some tricks."

Webber, who was a contestant on season four of "Project Runway," created all the designs in "Denim." But that doesn't mean the book is only for experts. Sewing newbies take heed: She and Marshall insisted on including thorough reference material, as well, including guides to denim fit, styles and washes in addition to sewing basics, supplies and measuring.

Webber's favorite project? The intricate, unique Kimono jacket, made from two pairs of men's jeans, which requires at least two hours of labor.

"I've really been in love with Asian culture, and always really admired kimonos," she says. "The combo of [denim and the style] is somewhat quirky and I really like that."