Sometimes the office sofa is so chic it could be a living room showstopper, or home lighting could make a staid conference room feel kinder. Since Peder Nyhus founded Rypen furniture eight years ago, he’s watched the line between personal and professional spaces continue to blur. And he’s concluded that his customers want great design wherever they are.

To help them see the possibilities, Rypen last winter expanded into a vast showroom in northeast Minneapolis. Corporate and residential clients alike can wander through to see, touch and experience what’s for sale. That includes a Rypen line of furniture as well as other brands curated mainly from Scandinavia. There’s also a team of designers on site to configure spaces and guide furniture and lighting selections.

From a Prince-purple ottoman to a gleaming copper lamp, Nyhus integrates unexpected elements he hopes will inspire people to think creatively about their environments, “from work to weekend,” he says.

— Sue Campbell

Where to find Rypen around town

• The chairs and stools at Surly Brewing Co.

• The lobby design and furnishings at Canopy by Hilton’s Mill District location.

• The custom tables at the soon-to-be-reopened Travail restaurant in Robbinsdale, which can be raised or lowered depending on what the entertaining eatery has in mind for diners.