A body pulled out of the Mississippi River in St. Paul on Wednesday has been identified as that of a man who had text-messaged a friend "that he was going to drive his van into the river," police spokesman Peter Panos said Thursday.

Carrel D. Johnson, of St. Paul, was 22.

On April 8, Panos said, police were called to Harriet Island Park about an accident with injuries. No vehicle was seen then, even after word of the text message was relayed to officers, and after a witness claimed to have seen what he believed were taillights in the river.

The Fire Department checked both the north and south shores of the river, as well.

About 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Johnson's body was seen floating between a barge and a river wall south of the downtown airport.

Authorities still haven't identified a body recovered near St. Paul's High Bridge on Monday.