Bob Odenkirk/AP photo

The usually tight-lipped crew from "Better Call Saul' was in a revealing mood this past weekend, sharing spoilers from the upcoming third season, including the return of Gus Fring, the beloved villain from "Breaking Bad." Giancarlo Esposito, who played the fast-food franchise king/drug dealer in the previous series, even made an unexpected appearance, passing out boxes of chicken to members of the press and trading verbal jabs with co-star Jonathan Banks, another actor who has a role in both dramas.

But after the panel, star Bob Odenkirk was much stingier with details on his side project, one with a decidedly Minnesota angle.

In April, it was announced that AMC and Odenkirk were developing a mini-series based on 'The Night of the Gun,' a memoir by the late David Carr, who cut his teeth in the Twin Cities alt-press universe before becoming a star at the New York Times.

"I can't tell you much," said Odenkirk as a publicist edged closer to our conversation. "I'd get in trouble with the network."

He did that say that writers had turned in a first draft, but would not provide a timeline on when shooting might start.

"I'm going to take my time and do it right," said the Emmy-nominated actor who, in addition to producing,  is also expected to portray the writer.

Odenkirk did confirm that he had visited the Twin Cities this past June for research purposes.

"We established a few things, one being that much of the landscape has changed, especially in places David hung out a lot," he said.

Does that make it less likely that production will actually take place in Minneapolis?

"I suppose it makes it less likely," he said. "But that's down the line."

"Better Call Saul" returns to AMC in April.