Inside Bob Motzko’s contract

Bob Motzko won’t make as much as Don Lucia, but he’ll be well paid in his new job as Gophers men’s hockey coach. Motzko has agreed to the terms of a five-year contract that will pay him an average base salary of $592,000 a season — $2.9 million over the five years. A look:

Base salary

Year 1: $525,000

Year 2: $565,000

Year 3: $593,250

Year 4: $622,912

Year 5: $654,057

How that works

Motzko’s second-year base salary was set at $565,000, and he’ll receive 5 percent raises each season thereafter.


Motzko, like Lucia and most Gophers coaches, will be eligible to receive incentive bonuses for team success, academics and more.


Don Lucia’s salary this past season was $612,500. Lucia was scheduled to make $630,000 next season in the final season of his Gophers coaching contract — and Lucia will still make that much serving in his new role: special assistant to Gophers athletic director Mark Coyle.


The Gophers and Motzko both have termination coverage. For Motzko, if the Gophers fire him, he’ll receive a buyout. Conversely, if Motzko leaves for another job, the Gophers will be reimbursed to some degree. A look:

Motzko will receive a buyout payment if fired ...

In Year 1: $2 million

In Year 2: $1.75 million

In Year 3: $1.4 million

In Year 4: $1 million

In Year 5: $650,000

And if Motzko leaves the U, he’ll need to match the above sums according to years remaining.


Not yet. These terms are from a Memorandum of Understanding, a signed agreement between Motzko and Coyle. The Board of Regents will need to approve the official contract, but changes are highly unlikely.