Mayor Betsy Hodges will deliver her full 2018 budget to the Minneapolis City Council on Tuesday, and the city’s Board of Estimate and Taxation plans to extend a public hearing to give residents more time to scrutinize the document.

David Wheeler, president of the Board of Estimate, said he plans to ask the board to continue a public hearing scheduled for Wednesday at a second meeting Sept. 27.

“I want to give the public more time,” Wheeler said. “And I know my colleagues feel the same way.”

The Board of Estimate must set the maximum property tax levy by Sept. 30 and will take public input on Hodges’ proposed budget into consideration. The particulars of the budget won’t be finalized until December.

Hodges’ summary upheld

One member of the Board of Estimate, Carol Becker, sued Hodges last month, arguing she should have produced a detailed budget by Aug. 15, as mayors usually do. Becker said the public wouldn’t have enough time to respond to the budget before Wednesday’s meeting of the Board of Estimate.

A judge sided with the mayor, ruling that a budget summary she released on Aug. 15 met the requirements of the city charter.

And Becker’s concerns about the timing of the budget are partly addressed if the Board of Estimate agrees to extend the public hearing.

“The public needs to know that we’re not going to cut them off,” Wheeler said.


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